Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey

Gathering place:

Russia, Central Russia

Harvest Time:

August 2017

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Flavor and aroma of buckwheat honey

Bright intense aroma. Dry taste, well-balanced sweetness with bitter notes of wood or nut. Also, wood and clay flavor, malty aroma of molasses can be found in buckwheat honey.

Consistency and color of buckwheat honey.

It is quick to crystallize. Consistency is soft with big crystals. Fresh honey is thin and dark in color. It acquires brown or almost chocolate-like color after crystallization.

Benefits of buckwheat honey

Buckwheat honey is rich in iron and minerals, it helps to keep your body fit and quickly restores power. Buckwheat honey is 30 times higher in antioxidant compounds than many other lighter sorts of honey. It is proved that buckwheat honey is more effective in children's cough treatment than special cough syrups.

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Buckwheat honey


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