Linden honey

Linden honey

Linden honey

Gathering place:

Russia, Voronezh oblast

Harvest Time:

July - August 2017

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Flavor and aroma of Linden honey

The aroma of honey reminds of summer blooming linden. Bright, rich, and delicate flavor. This is a sweet honey with a lush floral aftertaste. Just one spoon will fill you up with pleasure.

Consistency and color of linden honey

Light thick honey with a mild delicate consistency.

Benefits of linden honey

Honey is rich in enzymes such as diastase, peroxidases, catalase, invertase and lipase. There are carotene, vitamin K, E and B complex, and many beneficial microelements and biologically active substances in linden honey.

Linden honey has a wide therapeutic use. This kind of honey is a fortifying agent, which is also used as a cold treatment, because this honey has a strong diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. It helps to eliminate sputum from the lungs in case of respiratory tract disease.

Linden honey is also considered indispensable for laryngitis, angina, tracheitis, asthma, throat irritation, runny nose, and acute respiratory infections.

If you want to buy Linden honey, just call 969-42-35. Call us, and soon you'll be enjoying this sweet delicate honey!

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