Flower honey

Flower honey

Flower honey

Gathering place:

Russia, Novgorod region

Harvest Time:

Summer 2017

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Flavor and aroma of flower honey

Gentle sweet taste and mild flavor make it possible to enjoy this honey in large amounts. Flower honey is good for everyday consumption, its dulcet flavor is most likely going to become family favorite one. Children love eating this honey. Flower honey is a good product for dieting. Eating this honey every day, you can easily give up sugar and sweets consumption.

Consistency and color of flower honey

Honey from this apiary may be ranging from light yellow to brown color depending on harvest season. Fresh honey is thin, its crystallization starts in October.

Benefits of honey

Flower honey has tonic properties. Honey is used as a common cold remedy. Long-term (1-2 months) honey consumption (50 gram a day) will lead to overall improvement of condition of the body, normalization of blood, hemoglobin rise, and cardiovascular tone.
Honey is also used in case of cardiovascular diseases. It helps vasodilation and thus improves coronary circulation. Natural honey can be used as a medical agent for diet and some gastrointestinal disorders.
Honey is effective as a sleep aid and a soothing agent if used regularly.
Honey is a good skin softener, it removes dryness and peeling, improves skin tone, that’s why it is widely used in cosmetics. It is recommended to add honey to facial masks, scrubs and massages for the body.
Delicate sweet taste and floral aroma will let you enjoy this honey daily.

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Flower honey


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