Fireweed honey plant

Fireweed honey plant

Fireweed honey plant

Ivan-tea was one of the most demanded Russian export products among with natural gas in the 19th century, this explains how beautiful this plant is. Particularly, Britain and Denmark used to receive this herb in huge amounts and appreciated it even more than Indian tea.​ ​Long ago it was used as a treatment for many diseases. ​Fireweed ​has some unique curative properties such as anti-inflammatory, analgesic, sedative, anticonvulsant, and antacid properties.

Fireweed ​is rich in vitamin C. Moreover, vitamin C content depends on how far up north fireweed grows. Fireweed and medications based on it have low toxicity and alike valerian it can be used as a sedative. Tannin and mucus in fireweed give it an antacid and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended to drink decoction of fireweed to relief strong headaches and sleeplessness.

Recently it was discovered that fireweed ​ increases the potency in men. It is also known as a good fat burner. And one of the notable advantages of this plant is that it alkalizes blood and thereby restores power and even reduces intoxication in case of cancer diseases.

Fireweed is a good honey and pollen plant. All beneficial properties of fireweed can be found in fireweed honey.
This sort of honey is ​special for its sweet floral aroma and delicate flavor. It has a clear, slightly greenish color. Сrystallization process starts several months after honey pumping.

Fireweed honey is a good treatment aid in case of many diseases​ such as skin and mucosa diseases​. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, therefore it is considered to be a good remedy for colds and flu. Furthermore it is good for people who suffer from nervous disorders and neuroses.

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