The word "honey" in different languages

The word "honey" in different languages

The word "honey" in different languages

01/16/2017 08:59:00 pm

The word "honey" in different languages
Your honey guide around the world!

Useful information for travelers - honey lovers - the word "honey" in different languages! Honey is everywhere, in every country, no matter where you are, but sometimes it is not easy to find it. Keep in mind this information and you can be sure that when you find yourself abroad, you will not leave the country without honey!

arabic - عسل

belorussian - мёд

chinese - 蜂蜜

сzech- med

danish - honning

dutch - honing

english - honey

estonian - mesi

finnish - hunaja

french - miel

german - honig

georgian - თაფლი

hebrew - דבש

hellenic - μέλι

hindi - शहद

icelandic - hunang

irish - mil

italian - miele

japanese - 蜂蜜

korean - 꿀

latin - mel

latvian - medus

laotian - າເຜີ້ງ

lithuanian - medus

maltese - għasel

mongolian - зөгийн бал

norwegian - honning

philippine - pulot

polish - miód

portuguese - mel

romanian - miere

russian - мед

serbian - мед

slovak - med

slovenian - medu

somali - malab

spanish - miel

swahili - asali

swedish - honung

thai - น้ำผึ้ง

turkish - bal

ukrainian - мед

vietnamese - mật ong

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