Chumakov apiary

Chumakov apiary

Chumakov apiary Apiary is located in the northern regions of Russia, in Novgorod region, where industrial production has never existed and agriculture is underdeveloped. Novgorod region is popular as a tourist destination with its ancient cities and spa resorts. This place is perfect for gathering meadow honey. There are no agricultural fields, no highways, no large settlements, but only mixed forests and meadows.

Alexander Chumakov has been engaged in beekeeping since 1997. Overall economic situation in the region and the country influenced his decision to take up farming at the time. His interest to beekeeping was growing gradually, the apiary was developing, and amount of regular customers kept increasing. Alexander is constantly working on investments in the development of his farm. Thus, his apiary developed significantly from 2 to several hundreds of beehives all in 16 years. For now it is a professional farm where all of the processes from packaging to honey storage is being performed with help of professional equipment. Main honey plants of the region are white and yellow melilotus, wild clover, fireweed, linden, thistle, knapweed, Geranium sylvaticum 'Mayflower', motherwort, raspberry.

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